Open Wednesdays

7:15 to 8:45 pm

Attend any or all portions of the evening

7:15–7:40 — meditation
7:40–8:00 — tea social gathering
8:00–8:45 — public talk and Q&A in classroom

Open Wednesday talks are given every Wednesday evening. Some of which offer a title & theme…

Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Rouzer
Author of the new book
On Cold Mountain:
A Buddhist Reading of the Hanshan Poems

Wednesday talks on Buddhist Poetry
Jan 27 Cold Mountain (Hanshan)
Cold Mountain Transcript pdf

Feb 3 Mainstream Buddhist poetry
Buddhist Poetry pdf

Feb 10 Contemporary Buddhist poets
Due to copyright restrictions, pdfs of the readings for Feb 10 will only be available from the Dharma Field office upon request.

Recordings of Paul Rouzer’s talks

Supplemental Material
Cold Mountain Documentary

Paul Rouzer is a professor of Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Minnesota with specialties in Buddhism, the poetry of China and Japan, the supernatural in East Asia, and medieval Chinese poets. His most recent book is On Cold Mountain: A Buddhist Reading of the Han Shan Poems, published in 2015.