Open Wednesdays

7:15 to 8:45 pm

Attend any or all portions of the evening

7:15–7:40 — meditation
7:40–8:00 — tea social gathering
8:00–8:45 — public talk and Q&A in classroom

Open Wednesday talks are given every Wednesday evening. Some of which offer a title & theme…

  • Tortoises, Frogs and Cows
    Video of Katagiri
    | Wednesday | Sept 16 |
    presentation & talk by Jed Larson
  • Photos of Buddhist India
    | Wednesday | Sept 30 |
    presentation & talk by Deane Curtin
  • Zen’s Six Ancestors in China:
    Landscapes & Legacies, Part I & II

    | 2 Wednesdays | Oct 7, 14 |
    presentation & talk by Lee Lewis*

    We know very little about any of these ancestors of China. The historical record is scant and legends abound. Regardless, they are credited with planting seeds and cultivating the roots of our practice today, each adding an ingredient that was developed and expounded by following generations.

    These talks will provide a context for the lives of the Six Ancestors within Buddhism and Zen [Chan] and identify some of the contributions of each. Lee Lewis recently returned from a visit to sites related to each of the ancestors and will show slides of temples and their settings. If time allows he will touch on the rapid transformations taking place in the study and practice of Chan today in China.

    *Lee Lewis is a Soto Zen teacher in the Dainin Katagiri lineage.  He taught and led retreats for a number of years at Minnesota Zen Meditation Center.  He served as the president of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and as executive director of Clare Housing, as well as teaching Zen at prisons and working in hospice services.  Having recently returned from China and sites related to the Six Ancestors of Chan [Zen], he is delighted to be be sharing his experiences and what he learned.