Online Meditation Instruction

We highly recommend attending instruction at Dharma Field. If this is not available to you, we offer the following in lieu of live instruction with a teacher. Though it is offered at no charge, donations are gratefully received.

Audio Instructions

Please note: Talks #4, #5 and #6 are recommended after establishing and maintaining regular daily meditation for a few years.

  1. Basic Meditation Instruction (26 minutes)
  2. Pointers of Meditation (10 minutes)
  3. The Object of Meditation (24 minutes)
  4. Shikantaza (24 minutes)
  5. Knowing Before You Think (44 minutes)
  6. Not Learning Meditation (15 minutes)

Written Instructions

Chapter Four: “Sitting on the Earth” excerpted from Meditation Now or Never, by Steve Hagen.

Meditation Now or Never
by Steve Hagen
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