Meditation (Zazen) Instruction

Three Ways to Learn Meditation

  • 60–90 Minute Intro to Meditation: Twice Monthly
  • Online: audio recordings, photographs, descriptions
  • 6-Week Course: The Practice of Meditation

Instruction at Dharma Field

Dharma Field offers meditation instruction at no charge. Scheduled options are drop-in, but please be arrive at least 5 minutes early. Loose, comfortable clothing is suggested.

Sitting meditation, walking meditation, and etiquette
Meditation instruction offered usually the first Thursday and the third Saturday of each month. 60 to 90 minutes.

Meditation Instruction Dates at Dharma Field

  • Thursday, Aug 6, 7pm
  • Saturday, Aug 15, 9am
  • Thursday, Sept 3, 7pm
  • Saturday, Sept 19, 9am
  • Thursday, Oct 1, 7pm
  • Saturday, Oct 17, 9am
  • Thursday, Nov 5, 7pm
  • Saturday, Nov 21, 9am
  • Thursday, Dec 3, 7pm
  • Saturday, Dec 19, 9am