Building repair and maintenance projects

Recently completed or underway

  • Recondition upper floor parsonage windows
  • Paint exterior trim on parsonage

To be completed, in order of priority as funds allow

  • Recondition front steps to main building
    $1,500, assuming volunteer labor
  • Replace York house front steps and part of the sidewalk
  • Replace main building west and south window lower sills
    $2,000 assuming no significant damage revealed
  • Replace York house ceiling
  • Replace and reconfigure east classroom entrance
    $2,500 to $4,500, depending on code requirements

Longer term but inevitable projects presently known

  • Replace roof on main building
    approximately $40,000
  • Replace York house roof
  • Removal of large tree in York House backyard

Wish list

  • Air conditioning in the zendo
    $7,000 to $10,000